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Business report: The CEO of your company, Carla Green, is considering more flexible work practices

The CEO of your company, Carla Green, is considering more flexible work practices.  These include the following:1) Telecommuting one or two days per week 2) Modified work schedules, such as four ten-hour days per week, nine nine-hour days per two week period, or flexible start and end timesThe CEO asked you to research and write a formal business report on one of these two flexible work practices (telecommuting or modified work schedules).  She is not interested in your personal opinion on the matter.  She clearly stated that careful research and well-thought out arguments for and against the practice(s) you choose to research are required.   She expects your recommendations to reflect the research and data presented in the report.   You obtained primary research data by designing and conducting a survey, which was sent to all the employees.  .  You do not need to generate your own survey data.   If you chose to research both options, you may use data from both surveys. :You must include a , with in-body citations.  The body of your paper (from introductory paragraph to recommendations) must be a  

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