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Building Sustainability

Sustainability is a continuation of the assistance being received. To community members/beneficiaries sustainability means that their new enterprises would remain viable and that markets would be stable. In addition, sustainability means that the opportunities made available to them would also be available to their children and that the gains that they made would not suffer setbacks if, for instance, an adult family member became ill or died. For most NGOs define sustainability as income generating activities continue and grow; infrastructure is maintained and repaired locally, based on a sense of local ownership; women retain their empowerment after project ends; and institutions continue with their prescribed/expected functions. While individuals can and should have their own points of reference and areas of interest regarding sustainability, a single project needs to have a broad, clear and well-defined concept of sustainability to guide implementation and serve as a basis for evaluation. Sustainability can be considered through three different lenses: sustainability of outcomes, sustainability of processes, and sustainability of resources. The paragraphs below briefly describe these elements. Sustainability of Outcomes: Simply put, this concerns whether the improvements in quality of life or standard of living of project

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