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Argumentative Essay Forget the Placebo Effect

Do you know that the health care system is broken. It kills 30,000 people a year, and the doctors are not aware of this. The article Forget the Placebo Effect: Its theCare Effect That Matters deals with the idea that care can help with the improvement of the healing process. But in mainstream medicine, care tend to mean treatment and nothing more, and many patients who need empathy and advice are instead given drugs and surgery. The patients come to the doctors with pain. The doctors provide care in form of surgery, and the patients pain decrease. But the surgery itself may not be what helps the healing process. It is the act of caring that may be what leads to the improvement. The article is written by Nathanael Johnson, who throughout the text says that we need to solve the problem of overtreatment and stop thinking of care as just another word for medical treatment, but accept it as a separate, legitimate part of medicine to be studied and delivered, so people who need care in the nonmedical way should

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