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Annotated Bibliography Research Paper

“Junk Food Ads and Kids” by Common Sense Media
Why McDonald’s fries taste so good

Schlosser, Eric. Why McDonald’s Fries Taste so Good (2001): 50-56. Web. 30 Sept. 2015.

“Food Pyramid”

Pollan, Michael. “Eat Food: Food Defined.” In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. New York: Penguin, 2008. 147-61. Print.

The elements we discussed to consider improving include: Make summary details more focused/succinct. Begin with a clear summary statement

that sets up the paragraph to have a clear and specific subject and purpose. Ie; “In this video, Common Sense Media presents a set of

guidelines for parents… The video makes its points in this specific way: [fill in short details.] Transition to evaluation of source

material. You can use the source material itself as evidence, such as the tone, organization, professional feel, etc. You can use

background info on the author too. Consider the credentials and experience of the creator of this text/video. Do they set it up to be

biased? Objective? Some/something you should listen to? Should you be wary of an agenda? Do they seem to have the public interest in mind,

or do they seem to be focused on a limited group? Or are they mainly talking to hear themselves? Synthesize your interpretation of the

sources. Do you notice any connections between the sources? Do they confirm each other? Contradict each other? Do they remind you of each

other in some noteworthy way? Has a “relationship” formed in your mind between this source and the other sources in your bibliography?

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