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Analyzing Annie Laurie Gaylors The Case against School Prayer

For this first Essay, I will analyze The Case against School Prayer written by Annie Laurie Gaylor. I will analyze this essay based on The Toulmin model, which rely heavily on fact, value, and policy, as well as the Aristotelian Rhetoric, which draws upon logos, ethos and pathos. In the Toulmin model the main focus will include claims of fact, which are supported by data throughout the essay, and also claims of policy, which stress a change in allowing prayer to continue in public schools. The Aristotelian Rhetoric Focus will primarily be based upon logos, and ethos, because Gaylors essay relies heavily on her credibility. The use of logos is seen in that she quotes and takes data and information from previous court cases and lawsuits against the United States Government to prove her case. The main focus of this essay is to prove that prayer is unacceptable in public schools and that the separation of church and state should also be required in school. Gaylor argues that prayer, while not required, is still singling out the minorities or individuals in the classroom that do not

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