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analyze TOMS from several different perspectives Custom Essay

The focus of Case Study #2 is to analyze TOMS from several different perspectives (using what we have learned from

chapters: 7, 9, 12, 16 and 17) in our textbook). This is your opportunity to apply the theory to a real world

organization. Review the various resources provided within this folder to uncover the TOMS One-for-One model

difference. You may also conduct your own research on the company to gather insight.
You will then be required to write a minimum of 3-pages (APA formated- no abstract required) analyzing TOMS and

providing insight into the company in key areas. Your goal is to write about what makes TOMS different in each of

the areas listed below:
• Company Culture
• Vision/Mission
• Company Values
• Work Life Balance
• Work Groups and Teams
• Organizational Design and Structure
• Leadership Influence

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