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Analysis on the risk management of Chinas corporation

Part 3 of the research method workbook what you need to do (1) state the research question than you will seek to ask and answer in your proposed dissertation. you should specify the company/industry/country/time period on which you want to focus your research. (2) explain and justify the relevance and importance of your proposed research. (3)give details of the relevant books/articles/reports that you have read and briefly discuss how you will use these items of literature as a foundation on which to build your research. word limit: 500 I uploaded my original work, this part need to be fixed according to supervisor’s feedback. I attach it below: I still think you need to re-read my first feedback properly and send it back to me as I dont see that much improvement and action based on what I said was the weakness. BEING SPECIFIC IS KEY! You cant just say risk management in Chinas corporations- you must state exactly the type of sector you will be looking at and justify why etc., what kind of time scale are you looking at and why, wants the importance and significance of your research? you must say clearly if you are doing primary or secondary research and how you going to measure the data or is it just qualitative research?? Also you should avoid out of date resources (there is some from 1988!!1994). please read it and revision according to my feedback. please read all files I uploaded. thank you

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