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 Step 1: Best Use Outline a scenario where the MD5 or SHA-1 algorithms are put to good and proper use. Step 2: Ethical Hacking of MD5 Crack the following three MD5 hash values and publish the plaintext in your lab document. See ethical hacking help at the bottom of this lab page for some hints. MD5 hash 1: 4eefef62c45d66f55d89c515d8352c5cMD5 hash 2: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99MD5 hash 3: d6a6bc0db10694a2d90e3a69648f3a03 Step 3: Worst Use Outline a scenario where the MD5 or SHA-1 algorithms could be (or have been) put to poor and improper use. Suggested Resources:   

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