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African SterotypesPersonal Reflection on Stereotypes

I worked with my dad during summer breaks. My father was an ambitious businessman who saw opportunity in many things. This particular summer his venture was tourist photographyhe obtained a license from the Bahamian government to operate business at the dock where Carnival cruises and others stopped on the island. Here wed entice eager tourists to take pictures with our Junkanoo man, a symbolic personification of Bahamian culture (our Mickey Mouse, if you will) and instantly provide them with the memory using digital photography equipment. My tasks involved printing, collecting payment, and basic customer interaction. And while smiling and being friendly were job requirements, my dad stressed nothing more than speaking. Id come to understand the importance of striking up brief yet compelling conversations with our visitors. As hed always say, our country depends on it. I will never forget one such conversation I had with a white female tourist one day. During small talk about the American economy and homes, I made a parallel to our current real estate condition and the woman exclaimed with genuine surprise Oh, you guys actually live in

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