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A Hypothetical Conversation Between Karl Marx, Peter Singer, and Jurgen Habermas

Karl Marx would have agreed with Peter Singers evaluation that globalization brought on by changes and advancements in technology have changed the conversation in regard to the role of the nation-state, but he would have disagreed with Singers call for the rich nations to, in effect, police themselves and altruistically manifest a global ethical viewpoint. Instead, Marx would have argued for a more violent overthrow of the existing social super-structure. Furthermore, Marx would have contended that globalization and the creation of a global economy founded upon capitalism without the overthrow of the existing bourgeois would just further the interests of the ruling class. Marx would also have agreed with Jurgen Habermas view that improving the living conditions of all as a means to change the super-structure and that unfettered capitalism leads to the deleterious stratification of world society, but, again, would have disagreed as to the effectiveness of the essentially peaceful communicative action in the public sphere, posited by Habermas, as a means to eliminate the division within society. In all likelihood, Marx would probably be more inclined to

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